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Mechanical Engineering Internships Melbourne

Enter a world of endless career possibilities.

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  • High employability outcomes

    Over 72% of our placements turn into permanent positions upon completion.

  • Network of over 6,200 host companies

    Extraordinary network of host companies across Australia.

  • Access hidden and off-market opportunities

    Gain access to unique and less competitive opportunities that are not advertised in the public domain.

  • Customised pre-placement preparation

    Tailored resume editing to bring your resume up to Australian industry standards and one-on-one mock interview training.

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Extraordinary network of host companies

Career benefits of a mechanical engineering internship in Melbourne

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Enhance your resume

We love seeing our graduates excel in their chosen field, the opportunities present in our mechanical engineering internships in Melbourne have the perfect mix of practical thinking, and theoretical application. Developing and honing the skills that allow you to excel is what this experience is all about, plus getting your foot in the door of a highly competitive industry is always advantageous for any graduate.

Permanent position

An internship in mechanical engineering in Melbourne is an ideal opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and develop your technical abilities. By seeking experience in mechanical engineering, you will gain valuable insight into the working world and the challenging environment. In addition, you can make meaningful connections with industry professionals, who may be able to provide advice or assistance leading up to your post-graduation job search. Exploring mechanical engineering internships in Melbourne should be an important step for any mechanical engineering student aspiring to find successful employment upon graduating.

Hone your speciality

Pursuing mechanical engineering internships in Melbourne is an effective way to hone your speciality. With hands-on experience in your chosen industry, you can learn from experts and build upon your existing knowledge. Mechanical engineering internships offer a unique opportunity to develop practical skills and gain insight into the field. Positioning yourself as an expert within this specialised sector will drive your professional success and help further establish yourself as a valuable asset in Melbourne's mechanical engineering environment.

Gain practical skills

While it is vital to have a strong theoretical base to find any measure of success in the discipline, the practical skillsets surrounding communication, brainstorming, coherent teamwork, and adapted problem solving typically cannot be taught efficiently unless you’re actively participating.

Types of mechanical engineering internships

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Aeronautical Engineer

Perform and supervise the design, development, manufacture and maintenance work of different types of flight vehicles.

Automotive Engineering

Be in charge of the design, manufacturing and operating of ground vehicles.

System Dynamics and Control

Optimise component performance in integrated systems and apply automatic control techniques.

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Energy Systems

Focus on thermal design, energy generation, and environmental impact reduction.

Mechanical Design

Innovate products and systems, address societal and economic issues like power shortages and transportation emissions.

Robotics and Controls

Design, build, and test robots and control systems with electronics, mechanics, and computer science knowledge.

Manufacturing Engineering

Design and improve systems and equipment that are used to complete tasks accurately and change raw materials into products.

PGP provides mechnical engineering internships in all major cities of Australia

What to expect from a mechanical engineering internship in Melbourne

Mechanical Engineering internship company office in Melbourne city

Hands-On Experience

While the theoretical side of the job is already covered for the most part by your current studies – what mechanical engineering internships in Melbourne offer is the missing practical piece from your studies.

Professional Networking

Working side-by-side with mentors and industry veterans gives interns access to insights, resources and support that can open up a whole new range of possibilities for them down the line. It’s a great way to kick start your engineering career as it gives you direct insight into the inner workings of such an important sector while also helping you connect with possible job opportunities.

Why Choose Melbourne

An advantage of mechanical engineering internships in Melbourne is the simple fact that it is so adaptable and versatile – applicable throughout a wide variety of industries that require the skillsets that are taught to graduates of this caliber. Through automotive, medicine, aerospace, even to agricultural enhancements – these bright and colourful minds are certainly in demand.

The Premium Graduate Placements Way

Premium Graduate Placements gives access to exclusive and tailored opportunities for our students and graduates – ensuring that each position is the best possible fit. Our mechanical engineering internships in Melbourne are with the best and brightest companies in the sector – collating across industries to ensure that each graduate finds the position that will suit them the best.
Gain hands-on experience with the most in-demand softwares across the industry
Success stories & testimonials from our students
We are proud of the impact our training has had on the lives of over 10,000 students. From career advancement to personal growth, our students have achieved a wide range of successes thanks to the knowledge and skills they have gained through our programs.
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Priyanka Adhikari, a marketing Internship
Youjun Zhao
Electronics Engineer
"All the staff are very friendly and welcoming me. I am learning different standards and trying to make a good relationship with everyone. My supervisor helped me a lot, I really love this place. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn from this company and work with these lovely people."
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Priyanka Adhikari
Civil Engineer
"PGP helped me with the process and gave me one on one time to explain to me how things work and how I need to prepare myself for the upcoming interviews. PGP was very helpful in informing me throughout the time how the process is going on. I completed my online-interview and  I was accepted by my Host Company; a building and construction company. Everything worked out really well."
Anup Bhomi, a marketing intern
Anup Bhomi
Civil Engineer
"Finding a job as a graduate engineer is really tough in Australia, especially if you are graduate from overseas university. I proceeded internship with the help of PGP in the matter of a week and started working as a structural engineer."
Kirandeep, a marketing intern
Ahmed Raza
Electrical Engineer
"Thanks for your assistance and prompt feedbacks regarding my internship. You had arranged several interviews for me at different companies and with your efforts and help, I secured my internship and also secured an employment over there."