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Mechanical Engineering Internships in Hobart

Mechanical Engineering Internships in Hobart


Mechanical engineering is a diverse and extremely interesting field of study, leading to wide-ranging careers where you can accomplish great things. Most industries are touched by mechanical engineers in one way or another. From HVAC and automotive to aerospace and transportation, these professionals contribute their skills to society in dozens of different avenues. In many ways, the key role they play is to find better ways of doing things. More effective, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

To explore this career in more detail, you can sign up for a mechanical engineering internship in Hobart through Premium Graduate Placements. You’ll get to see experts working in the field and also contribute to projects yourself. Internships are much more than work experience, and there are some benefits you may not have even considered.

The career benefits of mechanical engineering internships

Finishing study and starting a career can be daunting. All those job applications, interviews, testing, waiting for call-backs. It can be difficult, but completing and internship placement is a great way to kick things off. Firstly, you’ll see how a workplace operates and begin to develop soft skills, while also learning new technical skills. Here are just some of the many benefits of completing a mechanical engineering internship in Hobart.

Hands-on experience: Being able to use your knowledge in a practical setting is perhaps one of the best parts of an internship. Showcase your skills and work alongside experienced professionals.

Exciting job opportunities: Mechanical engineers are always in high demand, because the world relies so heavily on machines and other systems that only these experts can handle.

A global qualification: You could work anywhere around the world as a mechanical engineer, so an internship for mechanical engineering students is a great way to enhance your chances of getting a great job out of uni.

Graduate positions: Some companies like to offer graduate positions to their interns, provided you work well and display the level of proficiency expected. Make a good impression and you might have a job waiting for you at the end of your placement.

Boost your resume: Mechanical engineering internships look great on your resume because it shows your dedication to learning not only inside the classroom, and also gives you some practical experience that others may not have.

Different types of mechanical engineering internships for students

If you haven’t decided on a particular area of mechanical engineering you want to pursue, an internship provides you with an opportunity to explore your interests. We tailor internships to suit your needs, but here are some of the popular ones that our students love.

Biomedical and Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Working in the biomedical field is extremely rewarding and provides you with a chance to make a significant difference to society. Fluid mechanics looks at how groundwater distributes pollutants and even the impact of combustion engines on the environment.

Combustion and the Environment

From cars and planes to energy generation systems, combustion is a crucial part of modern society. Not to mention propulsion, explosives and waste disposal. Work on projects to make combustion more effective.

System Dynamics and Control

When you work in system dynamics, you need a keen eye for detail and the ability to analyse systems and processes closely. Study how components combine in larger systems, and find improvements.

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Systems

Energy systems are always changing, especially as the world shifts from fossil fuels to renewables. This is an excellent area to study if you want an exciting career.

Mechanical Design

All mechanical products and systems start with great design. You could end up designing systems that benefit society in many ways.

Why choose Premium Graduate Placements?

If you’re looking for a mechanical engineering internship in Hobart we’d love to help get you started. Our internship programs are designed with your goals and aspirations in mind. If you’ve got a certain area of interest, we want to know about it. That’s how we source an internship that’s truly suited to your needs.

By partnering with some of the leading employers across Tasmania we offer our internships for mechanical engineering students purely to benefit your career. Get started the right way, and put your best foot forward with Premium Graduate Placements.

To find out more about our mechanical engineering internships in Hobart, contact us today!

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