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Mechanical Engineering Internships in Perth

Mechanical Engineering Internships in Perth


As a career, mechanical engineering is extremely diverse and opens up a huge range of job opportunities. But to get the valuable hands-on experience you need, you should consider completing a mechanical engineering internship in Perth before you graduate. Here’s why!

The career benefits of mechanical engineering internships

Throughout your education, you study a lot of theory, but don’t always get the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test in the real world. An internship for mechanical engineering students is designed to give you valuable work experience, and a chance to experience real projects while working alongside experienced professionals.

Real-world experience: It’s all been theory until this point, but an internship lets you get involved in real projects alongside high-quality mentors. Getting some hands-on experience while studying is great for your confidence when it’s time to start your first permanent job.

In-demand profession: Mechanical engineering is always in demand, and perhaps even more so as the world focuses further on environmental factors. Developing more efficient and cost-effective solutions to modern problems is what this exciting field is all about.

Global opportunities: Completing an internship may not send you around the world, but your career in mechanical engineering might. Your skills will be valuable all over the world, so you never know where your career could take you.

Possibility of graduate positions: After successful completion of a mechanical engineering internship in Perth, your host employer may even offer you a graduate position. That means you’ll have a job waiting for you as soon as you graduate.

Build your resume: Even without a graduate position, completing an internship looks great on a resume. So, if you’re competing in a tough job market, an internship is a guaranteed way to gain a competitive edge over graduates who haven’t got any experience,

Find your specialty: Most mechanical engineering internships are tailored to a specific area of expertise. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore your interests and confirm it’s what you really want to do.

Different types of mechanical engineering internships for students

The world of mechanical engineering is extremely diverse, and always changing. As we rely more on mechatronics, AI, robotics and other modern technology, the need for mechanical engineers continues to grow. Of course, there are several other areas of speciality aside from these, and here are just a few of the mechanical engineering internships in Perth.

Biomedical and Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics plays a key role in biomedical research, particularly in the study of blood circulation and regulating bodily function. However, the field also expands into the environmental sphere, in the study of how groundwater flow contributes to distributing pollution. It also plays a part in studying the environmental impacts of combustion engines.

Combustion and the Environment

Combustion is a big part of our modern world, evident in the areas of waste disposal, energy, heating, explosives and more. Mechanical engineers are often tasked with understanding combustion and developing more efficient processes.

System Dynamics and Control

In the world of system dynamics, you’ll be investigating individual components and how they operate within a larger system. This is a crucial part of designing and modelling systems to increase efficiency and productivity.
Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Systems
If this is an area of interest, an internship in this area can open up possibilities in the fields of thermal design, energy generation, heat exchanges, combustion engines, manufacturing and much more.

Mechanical Design

The area of automated design is all about the early stages of mechanical system and product development. As a career, you could be working on major projects dealing with issues such as power outages, transportation systems and industrial manufacturing. There is also a component of process selection, testing and quality control.

Why choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Premium Graduate Placements works with businesses to provide mechanical engineering internships that really benefit the student. We listen to your goals and areas of interest to find you the perfect opportunity. Ultimately, an internship helps you bridge the gap between education and employment, giving you valuable exposure to real-world situations. That’s why we ensure all opportunities are tailored with your specific aspirations in mind.

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