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Mechanical Engineering Internships in the Gold Coast

Mechanical Engineering Internships in the Gold Coast


Mechanical engineering internships on the Gold Coast are designed to give you exposure to the workforce. It’s a lot more than just work experience though, because you’ll get an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to real projects. It’s a great way to learn new skills, consolidate your education and even get your foot in the door with some exciting companies.

The career benefits of mechanical engineering internships

If you’re keen on advancing your career opportunities as your studies come to a close, it’s a great idea to consider a mechanical engineering internship on the Gold Coast. With opportunities galore, here are just some of the benefits you can gain.

Practical experience: After spending so much time on the books, an internship gives you a great chance to see how the industry works first-hand. Work alongside seasoned professionals and gain valuable exposure to real projects and situations.

Exciting job opportunities: The world is changing every day, but one thing stays the same. The pursuit of efficiency. That’s why there are so many interesting and rewarding opportunities within this profession.

Global industries: Mechanical engineering is a worldwide profession, so if you want to explore the world, building a good foundation in the industry is a great place to start.

Line up your first job: Some companies offer graduate jobs to successful interns at the end of their placement. That means you might end up with a job waiting for you straight out of university if you perform well.

Boost your resume: If you don’t get offered a graduate position straight away, that’s ok. Often you need to apply for these positions, or other jobs in your chosen field. Completing an internship gives you some practical experience on your resume and helps you stand tall in the job market.

Find your specialty: You don’t need to have your entire career mapped out before you graduate, but having some idea of your interests will help. Internships help you explore different areas of mechanical engineering to see what you enjoy most.

Different types of mechanical engineering internships for students

You could find yourself working in almost any industry as a mechanical engineer, but many students have a particular area that interests them more than others. Here are just a few of the internships for mechanical engineering students.

Biomedical and Engineering Fluid Mechanics

If you’re interested in the biomedical field there are plenty of exciting opportunities for engineers. In fact, biomedical pursuits can be extremely rewarding because you could be involved in designing systems, processes or tools that are truly life-changing.

Combustion and the Environment

Combustion isn’t just about explosives and propulsions. In the modern world, combustion still powers a lot of the world’s systems such as engines, energy generation plants and even aerospace applications.

System Dynamics and Control

As a systems dynamics expert, you analyse individual components within a larger system. You may be looking for faults, opportunities to increase efficiency, or ways to increase output.

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Systems

Heath transfer, thermodynamics and energy systems are big considerations in the world today. The way we generate, store and consume energy is changing as we push toward renewable sources. As a result, there are plenty of job opportunities for motivated mechanical engineers in this area.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is perhaps the broadest sub-skill in mechanical engineering, because it can apply in so many different applications. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or uninteresting though, as successful professionals need to have a great eye for detail and amazing problem-solving skills.

Why choose Premium Graduate Placements?

Premium Graduate Placements has your career in mind when planning your internship placement. That means we listen to your goals, aspirations and specific areas of interest and tailor our opportunities to your needs. Having partnerships with some of the best mechanical engineering operations on the Gold Coast means that we’ve got a wide range of industry-specific internships we can offer. For more variety, more personalised work experiences and a chance to kick your career off right, we’d love you to get in touch.

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