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4 Unexpected Careers You Could Qualify for After Completing an Engineering Internship

If you’re a current student in an engineering program, then no doubt you’ve been asked the following question: “so, what job do you want to get in the future?” While this is often asked by well-meaning people, it could be overwhelming to have to come up with an answer that you’re not entirely sure about. In life, there are many opportunities that can come from starting at just one avenue, and it’s no different for the choices you can make for your career trajectory. Engineers are the backbone of our society, and there are so many opportunities for you to explore that incorporate the knowledge and practical skills you learned in your degree. But how can you get this valuable first-hand experience? Engineering internships can get your foot in the door for numerous job opportunities. Let’s have a look at the 4 unexpected careers you could qualify for after completing an engineering internship.

Completing an Engineering Internship

1. Robotics Designer

There has never been a better time to be in the cutting edge robotics industry than the present. After completing an internship in mechanical engineering, might qualify for jobs in the robotics sector, as the knowledge and skills required overlap in both fields. As technology advances and society becomes more automated, the lucrative robotics field has seen an increase in demand to make things not only more convenient for us, but also more efficient. Take pride in the fact that the future of robotics is in a position to change the lives of many people who will be empowered by the addition of advanced technology in their day-to-day routine.

2. Environmental Conservation

Are you a prospective engineer, but enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, or have a green thumb? Environmental engineers have a varied range of career prospects. There are many roles in the field of environmental conversation, such as park rangers who are employed by the government, or professionals working in a research capacity to create more sustainable solutions to protect the natural world. Environmental engineers are trained to apply the principles of the sciences, such as biology and chemistry, so having the background knowledge will make you a star candidate in conservation.

3. Town Planner

If you did an internship placement in civil engineering, then you could quality for a town planning role. Town planners are professionals who work closely with the construction sector to build infrastructure that properly caters to the community. Town planners take into account things like designing leisure spaces like parks, community centres, roads, and how to best realise plans for housing and building development. If you’re passionate about providing a more accessible future to the general public and have an imagination that’s as limitless as the opportunities for the urban sprawl, then consider going into a career in town planning after completing a civil engineering internship. This role requires soft skills like an eagerness to collaborate in the workplace and a high level of effective communication skills.

4. Project Management

Project management is an extremely versatile specialisation, and exists in many contexts. An example of how project management operates in a real-life setting is in the construction industry. Any functional and compliant building site must have a management team to ensure that the project goes according to plan (and schedule). People who work in project management implement and oversee processes and procedures to ensure that the finished product meets client standards. Project management is an in-demand and booming career choice, and for those who have experience or qualifications in civil engineering, this professional opportunity has highly collaborative and rewarding opportunities.

Completing an Engineering Internship

The multi-faceted engineering industry can lead to unexpected avenues, but getting your foot in the door is the first step on the pathway to a fulfilling career. Completing an engineering internship can get you started in the robotics industry, where new technology is being designed by great minds. Roles in conservation of the natural world often require some level of experience or knowledge of environmental engineering.

A civil engineering internship program can be advantageous for town planning and project management careers.What do these roles have in common, apart from being related to the engineering sphere? The most important aspect of these specific careers is that they need an imaginative and positive person to be an outstanding candidate for the role.

Robotics, environmental conservation, town planning, and project management are all future-oriented roles that prioritise making life more convenient and more fulfilling for us all. If you are a big-picture thinker and want to live in a world that has an intentional vision for creating a more connected world, then consider an engineering internship program to be your starting point. It’s not only you that can feel rewarded in these roles, but the greater community also has a significant amount to benefit from your ideas and contributions.If you are interested in being part of a cutting edge industry with high employment prospects in diverse job positions, check out the engineering internships that are available near you with Premium Graduate Placements.