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How an Electrical Engineering Internship Can Land You Your Next Role

Are you a prospective electrical engineer, looking for ways to ignite that little spark to start the boom in your professional life? Consider applying for an internship placement. You may have heard about how internships can give you experience, but there’s so much value that they bring in developing your resume alongside a work placement. For electrical engineers, getting experience is crucial as the field requires you to constantly refine your technical skills and grow in your specialisation.

The good news is that electrical engineers are highly sought out across industries for their expertise. Any functioning city is incomplete without a team of trained engineers manufacturing electrical equipment and maintaining power grids, but the projects, responsibilities, and specialisations of an electrical engineer don’t stop there. It’s a rewarding career choice for people who are interested in being part of the power behind anything that necessitates electricity.

electrical engineering

Here’s how electrical engineering internships can land you your next role in a real-life professional setting:

1. Internships are great networking opportunities

Have you ever wondered how the most experienced electrical engineers began their career trajectory? The old saying that who you know is just as important as what you know is so true in the modern workforce, even in technical fields. Professional networking aside, the chance to collaborate with others on electrical projects is worth its weight in gold. If you are an intern at a particular company or business, then your chance of getting a job there in future dramatically increases.

2. You get real-world experience and become specialised in the field

In electrical engineering internships, it’s important to not just be a jack of all trades, but a master of one, as electrical engineering interns is highly specialised. Some electrical engineers work on maintaining wind turbines, others work on telecommunications infrastructure around the country or locally. Perhaps concepts from the robotics industry fascinate you, or working in transport networks is in line with your interests. Internship placements can help you find out your niche and expand upon it before entering into the workforce.

In the eyes of a potential employer, it’s impressive to not only have experience, but an established specialisation (and a glowing portfolio to accompany it) at an early stage in your career! An internship program from a trusted provider, such as Premium Graduate Placements, gives you a structured pathway to ensure that you are workplace ready. With access to industry mentors available to give you the tips you need and cutting edge information about developing skills, consider applying for an internship today to start your career in electrical engineering.

3. You can increase your confidence and self-esteem

The old saying “fake it till you make it” refers to the feelings of confidence that come about from just putting yourself out there regardless, even if you feel scared of the fullness of your potential, or afraid of your limitations. The truth is, that a healthy sense of confidence is a very important factor for successful people achieving a high standard, and that even the most established engineers had to start from a blank slate. The great thing about internship programs is that you can get professional experience in a real-life setting, not just a simulated role play or an abstract project you might have done in class while studying your degree.

Actually being in a workplace environment and being amongst peers who are your coworkers can help you see clearly about how you can develop your own pathway. It’s easy to imagine how you put yourself forward when you’re not just a student studying electrical engineering stuck in a classroom, you are an electrical engineer!


Current students or recent graduates looking to find their entry into the world of day-to-day professional life are excellent candidates for internships. Electrical engineering internships are extremely advantageous for you in the journey to landing your next professional role. Put yourself out there through networking. Electrical engineering is highly specialised, and internships give you the opportunity to sharpen the tools and knowledge in your skillset at such an early stage in your career trajectory.

Confidence and an increase in self-esteem are two positive effects of internship programs – if you start to see yourself as a capable and valued individual with lots to offer to the electrical engineering industry – then you’re well on your way to landing your next role. While planting the seeds for your career seems like the hardest step, it’s just the beginning. Experience through an internship program gives you a robust skillset to flourish.

Being part of a program that allows you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination can give you so much fulfilment.Want to know more about the roles in electrical engineering and the internship opportunities that are available? We’ve got you covered at Premium Graduate Placements.